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    Portfolio Companies

    The original Emergent Growth Fund I is now fully invested, with its portfolio including the companies listed below. Emergent II is now investing and building its portfolio.

    AerovectRx Corporation

    AerovectRx is an aerosol therapeutic company providing effective dosage-controlled drug delivery using the lung as the gateway for better health.

    Axogen, Inc.

    AxoGen is a biomedical company whose products allow surgeons to repair and regenerate peripheral nerves more successfully, bringing relief and restoring functionality to patients who suffer peripheral nerve problems. AxoGen is establishing a leadership position in the peripheral nerve market, revolutionizing peripheral nerve procedures with superior technologies, easy-to-use products and the highest quality service. Axogen uses technology licensed from the University of Florida.

    Cavidyne. LLC

    The marine cleaning industry provides cleaning of marine growth, such as barnacles, from the hulls of boats and ships and from underwater structures. Cavidyne, LLC has a patented system that provides an alternative to the very high-pressure and dangerous cleaning systems and brush systems currently used. Cavidyne, LLC’s system will offer competitive advantages over current cleaning equipment with dramatically improved safety, improved effectiveness and reduced cost.

    ChaoLogix, Inc.

    ChaoLogix, a Florida corporation, formed in June 2005, is designing the next generation of computer chips a new processor and architecture, based on “chaotic circuit” elements that will be faster, more flexible and more robust than any previous processor … operating at speeds up to 100 Ghz. While the ChaoLogix chip will offer clear advantages to the whole of the computer chip industry (estimated at $325 billion by 2009) the greatest advantages will be realized in several well defined sub-markets. The technology is licensed from the University of Florida. The Chief Technology Officer of ChaoLogix is Dr. William Ditto, founding chair of the University of Florida’s newly established Department of Biomedical Engineering.


    Clinipace is a clinical research software company providing a single, integrated data capture and study management platform for post-approval research and registries conducted by Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies, Clinical Research Organizations and Academic Medical Centers.

    The platform, called Tempo, is delivered via a web-based, on-demand architecture that streamlines the research process by eliminating the integration headaches associated with multiple platforms, reducing project efforts and costs from startup to conclusion, and empowering project stakeholders to make informed real-time decisions regarding their research. The software employs technology licensed from the University of Florida.

    GeneEx, Inc.

    GeneEx is a biotechnology company developing simple and inexpensive point-of-care diagnostics using technology licensed from the University of Florida. The company's first product will be a rapid chair-side test that dentists will use to screen patients for periodontal disease, to measure treatment efficacy and the progression or regression of the disease and as an objective tool to aid in patient compliance. The diagnostic, requiring only a few minutes and a saliva sample, will also allow dentists to identify the onset of periodontitis before clinical symptoms are evident, allowing early intervention. Pipeline products include point-of-care diagnostics for tuberculosis, fatal fungal infections and type-1 diabetes.


    Prioria focuses on integrating sensors and processors to form Intelligent Embedded Solutions for both proprietary and client applications. Areas of specialized expertise are Radiation and Explosive Threat detection and Identification in Homeland security applications as well as proprietary hardware and software development and integration into Prioria's own Micro Air Vehicle (Maveric Brand) UAV platform for the US Armed Forces and commercial applications.

    Smart Structures, Inc.

    Smart Structures has developed a remote monitoring system based on an exclusive license for a University of Florida patent on wireless monitoring of implanted load and strain measurement devices. The current application of this technology reduces the time and cost of concrete construction by employing wireless sensors embedded directly into concrete pilings and support structures to allow the monitoring of critical parameters during construction and during the life of the structure. The company estimates the cost saving opportunity for all municipal construction in the US at over $1.2 billion per year. Smart Structures’ plans include the application of this technology to additional intelligent remote monitoring markets.

    Wilmington Pharmaceuticals, LLC

    Wilmington Pharmaceuticals believes in fixing missed opportunities in established pharmaceutical products. With this product strategy, the company enjoys streamlined regulatory approval paths, relatively low R&D costs, and significantly lower risks than traditional pharmaceutical product development programs. The company is currently completing the final clinical trial required for their initial product -- a fast dissolving version of a nausea and gastric distress product. This new product addresses proven market needs with improved delivery systems that are familiar to physicians and welcomed by patients. Wilmington Pharmaceuticals will begin work later this year on an improved version of a major pain drug.